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ULTRAPER PLASTER: It is a unique plaster material. Exploded perlite is used instead of sand. Ultraper plaster is applied on the required surfaces as a mixture of lime, cement and water. For 1 m3 perlite 150 kg cement, 75 kg lime and enough amount of water are required.
- Heat conduction coefficient h = 0.12 hcal/mm°C
- High noise isolation
- High fire protection level
- Easy to apply with plaster equipment
- Most efficient and cheapest isolation material
Application areas:
- It can be used instead of the classical plaster on all interior surfaces.
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ULTRAPER AGRICULTURE: Ultraper agriculture is used for vegetable, flower and seedling growing and becoming a widely used product in horticulture in recent years. It is sold as coarse and super coarse. Now the farmers are working more efficiently with Ultraper.
- Ultraper with %80-%90 porous structure provides an adequate level of aeration for the soil and regulates the drainage.
- Ultraper reduces the vaporization and increases the infiltration.
- There is no risk of disease and wild plant seed because it is inorganic.
- Regulates pH level for the plants and prevents salinity because it is neutral (Ph=6.5-7,5).
- Protects the plant roots against temperature changes because it has very low heat conductivity.
- Ultraper manifests its superiority in the grass growing up process when the seedling roots are softly picked up in the nursery garden without the risk of damage.
ULTRAPER MICRONIZED: The micronized Ultraper is derived in a process where the exploded perlite is classified in different micron scales by passing the special sifters without any damage on the structure. The classification is done on demand according to the application types.
The micronized Ultraper is mainly used in the following areas;
- The filtration of vegetable oils,
- The filtration of juices,
- The filtration of sugar syrups,
-The filtration of paints and some medicines
-The filtration of beer, wine, liquor and some other liquid foods.
- Provides limpid and fast filtration,
- Catches particles as small as 0,1 micron,
- It is hygienic because it is produced under extreme temperature,
- The dosage is calculated in volumetric units when it is used as a filtration agent. But it is sold in weight units. Since it is lighter 20-50% than the other types of filtration agents it is cheaper at least 20%.
- Prevents blockage at filtration element and extends its life,
Provides more filtration in a certain time interval,
Works efficiently on small filter surfaces since it has a high filtration capacity,
- Does not change the characters of the medium in which it works, does not leave any taste or smell,
- It can be manufactured in different sizes according to the application,
- Pb and As amounts are very low,
- It can be used successfully in pressurized, centrifugal and vacuum filtration.
ULTRAPER ISOLATE: It is commercially available in polyethylene bags. It is used as under roof cover.
Bag features:
- Width: 5 cm
- Length: 40 cm
- Weight 2-3 kilo
- Heat conduction coefficient=0.045 kcal/mhc
ULTRAPER TEXTILE: This Ultraper type is used for grinding of textile products. With mixed particle sizes and high abrasiveness it is very popular in textile washing industry.
- Light and economic,
- Does not require the aid of other chemicals in washing, therefore reduces the costs,
- Does not clogs the machines and pipes,
- Penetrates on the fabric in required levels.