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Welcome to the site of Perlit Mine Enterprises. We thank you for your interest in perlite.

You can find useful information about where and how to use perlite. This site will guide you for more quality products, efficient and economic productions.

Perlit Mine Enterprises manufactures under trade name ULTRAPER for agriculture industry and construction industry. Our company markets exploded perlite in six different sizes and untreated perlite mine to domestic and international customers.
Our factory is located in Mersin-Tarsus Organized Industrial Zone and is 55 km far from Adana Airport and 15 km from Mersin Seaport. Our production capacity is 3000 Ton/year. The production line is equipped with stainless steel machinery and the bags are filled automatically. Our company has quality certificates given by Ministry of Agriculture, which assure hygienic production in world standards. Our primary objective is to provide customer satisfaction giving the first priority to the quality. You will gain efficiency, more products, more isolation and more profit with Ultraper.

Perlit Mine Enterprises